08.45 – 08.50


Ian Gilmour, Managing Director, Euler Digital SEZC

08.50 – 09.15

Opening Address 

Hon. Andre Ebanks MP, Minister of Financial Services and Commerce, and Minister of Innovation, Investment and Social Development, Cayman Islands Government

09.15 – 10.30

Roundtable on AI Legislation

Moderator: Aditi Joshi, Security & Privacy Engineering, Google Cloud

Vaughan Carter, Attorney at Law, Savannah Law

Julian Morris, Economist and Policy Analyst, International Center for Law and Economics

John Chisholm, CEO, John Chisholm Ventures

10.30 – 10.50

Coffee Break

10.50 – 11.20

Education in the age of AI

Julie Mercer, Principal, Nous

Darren Leafe, Director, Nous

In this session Nous will explore how AI can be a force for good in education, democratising access and supporting learning and knowledge-creation. How can we ensure our investment in AI is focused on areas of greatest potential and greatest need? What should we think about as educators, administrators, students, and parents as we explore the transformative potential of AI in education?

11.20 – 12.00

The State of AI in Financial Services

Supreet Kaur, Assistant Vice President, Morgan Stanley

This session will cover some of the burning AI use cases in finance, including the challenges to adoption and deployment of AI. It will also include some of the future trends, technological advances, and ways to drive value from AI in financial services.

12.00 – 12.40

The Power of AI and Edge Computing – why the combination of these two technologies will disrupt multiple industries 

Utpal Mangla, General Manager, IBM

Presentation will focus on leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enable 5G EDGE use cases across multiple industries and how they are transforming businesses.

12.40 – 1.50

Lunch Break

1.50 – 2.20

The Workforce of the Future 

Dr. Terri Horton, Future of Work Strategy Consultant, FuturePath, LLC

Dr. Horton will provide a forward view of the trajectory of the unfolding of the future of work through 2025. She will discuss the intersections of the future of work, organizational culture and purpose, employee experience and ethical AI considerations for the physical and virtual immersive worlds of work.

2.20 – 3.00

Report on The State of AI in Healthcare

Matthew Jones, Healthcare Lead, AI Forum

Dr. Matthew Crowson, Surgeon-Data Scientist, Harvard Medical School

Jude Francis, Associate Director, Johnson & Johnson

This session will provide an insight into to the State of AI in Healthcare. The presenters will talk of the recent acceleration in the use of AI and ML in support of Healthcare Systems, sharing use cases to highlight the benefits and challenges of adoption, and future trends.

3.00 – 3.20

Coffee Break 

3.20 – 4.00

Roundtable on The State of AI in Healthcare 

Matthew Jones, Healthcare Lead, AI Forum

Dr. Matthew Crowson, Surgeon-Data Scientist, Harvard Medical School

Jude Francis, Associate Director, Johnson & Johnson

4.00 – 4.40

Introducing AI GEN

Rasmus Häggkvist, Project Leader, AI Gen

This session will tackle the current issues the industry is facing with talent acquisition and student engagement. It will also explore AI Forum’s new community initiative, AI GEN, and how it aims to bring students into AI.

4.40 – 4.50

Closing Remarks

4.50 – 5.50

Cocktail Reception